Thursday, September 3, 2009


Here's a cartoon that was in the Wall Street Journal last month. My work has been appearing in their Pepper & Salt feature for over 20 years.

The cartoons in the WSJ tend to have a business slant and usually no political component. That's a good thing because as someone who tends to lean to the left I'd probably be a bad fit for them if politics were an issue. That said, I used to do a lot of work for the National Review. At one point I was in every issue for over a year. Shortly after that they got a new editor with a whole new sense of humor and taste in cartoons. That happens in this business. One day your a valued contributor to a major political journal, the next day you're just some poorly dressed dude working in your basement.



Anonymous said...

Stumbled on to your blog. We have a few of your cartoons on a bulletin board in our office. . I think they're from Barron's. Very funny!

Keep up the good work.

Mike Shapiro said...

Thanks very much. Glad you like my work and found the blog-