Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Career for my Next Life

When I'm not busy making millions cartooning I dream about making millions making music.

In my next post I promise not to use the word 'making' quite so often.


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Career Advisor MW CPSC said...

Hi Mike-

I was looking for your 'exploding head' cartoon, and its a neat twist that I find it in our blog entry about making music. My son's band 'A Place to Bury Strangers,' released an album in Oct titled 'Exploding Head,' and I've been wanting to show it to him since I saw your cartoon in December's Funny Times. The other neat thing is that he also designs & builds effects pedals - his company is Death by Audio. The band is touring now and will be playing in Baltimore on April 1. They will come through here (we live in Fredericksburg) so we'll be seeing him near the end of the week. I really like your cartoons and your style. Great work.

ernie ackermann

the pedals - http://deathbyaudio.net
the band - http://aplacetoburystrangers.com

the dad - ernie ackermann, http://weblimial.com